OopHoop Children’s Workshop.


first awarded goes greenCooperation with the Skopje ZOO, Skopje ZOO Educational Centre and the NGO for creative development, Skopje

Drawing and recognition of the pony horses in July 2012 .Skopje Zoo Education Center  in cooperation with the NGO for creative development of Skopje.

Green Ideology

* OopHoop design studio develops ideology that is based on ecological principles and laws,not as a trend but as conscience of every designer.
* We are using natural materials, low energy consumption for  making the products, using natural systems for energy supplying of the product if necessary, recycling opportunities or overuse of the material.
* OopHoop is a studio with professionals who have high built humane principles.
* Teaching children about the eco-impact and eco-treasure of our environment as well as how to increase and preserve and how to change some bad habits that are harmful to the nature,through organizing of workshops and lectures in order to learn and understand the eco system of our planet.