Maintainence & Tecnical Support.

Full technical support and maintenance

We know that every client is unique and we strive to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable proposal every time and to follow it through with an outstanding delivery which is both on time and within budget. We also proud ourselves on our after-sales client-care including our guarantees, training and support.

We work with our clients to ensure a smooth launch. We build a detailed launch plan that plans out each step in the process and who is responsible for that step. We will perform a trial run of this process and ensure that the steps work as prescribed. This approach minimizes the chances that an unexpected event will occur and disrupt the process. We also plan for rollback as a contingency if there is a problem that results in the inability to launch as planned. Our goal is to ensure that the project will go live and as planned.

We also provide ongoing support for your project and can provide a high level of support to you. OopHoop prides itself on being able to provide our clients with responsive service. We are available to make functional changes, structural/layout changes, design changes or content changes to the project. In addition, we are available to provide ongoing support of any marketing initiatives. The same team that has been selected to work on your project will be available for this ongoing service and support.

Technical support is provided to the main technical contact person from your organization. Additional users may be added as required. Technical support is available by phone or via email during our working hours.


  • The change enhancements are handled in the following manner:
  • You define your needs as specifically as possible
  • E-mail or phone the request on a specific email address or number
  • After receipt of the request, a start time is assigned.
  • The feature will be documented and tested
  • We will contact you when completed and also when the associated update is available
  • Update data (changing, adding and removing content)


We guarantee that will start working on your case the same business day where feasible, however due to the nature of support cases we cannot guarantee a time to resolution.

Maintenance under warranty period

One reason to perform maintenance is to update your product or web. It is important to keep information up to date and to make sure that the systems used to run the site are also current. Having the latest updates on the backend will keep the product more secure, in addition to allowing people to keep up with changes.

Maintenance will be also performed when there is a security threat. It may be done to close a security hole, to address problems caused by a hacker, or for a variety of other reasons related to security. The maintenance also includes:


  • Quality care and maintenance for existing and newly published content
  • Safety and security on a daily (full) system and database backup
  • Technical support in case of difficulties in implementing of the contents
  • Monitoring the server and communication with the hosting provider
  • Includes changing of the existing structure of pages
  • Add features
  • Update contacts and organization information
  • Update other content as directed by your organization